Mirror People - Now Available

Spitdust have created an eclectic patchwork of original contemporary folk music fused with elements of progressive rock and dystopian ambience to create a futuristic concept album that will take you on a journey, quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before..

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New LP - recording completed

We're pleased to announce that mixing for the latest album is finally complete, next step will be Mastering 12 finished tracks for release.. here's a preview of the final mix for 'underneath my wing'..

Who are Spitdust?

Spitdust are a collective of  musicians based in Hampshire, England. You'll find information and updates on our latest musical projects here, along with track previews from our 2011 release album 'Rabbit Skin'.

Spitdust plan to release a brand new LP in early 2014.

Please drop us an email if you would like to get in touch.

Second album recording sessions to begin soon...

We've recently compiled a working blueprint for a follow up album to our 2009 release 'Rabbitskin'

The new album, tentatively titled 'Rosemount', is comprised of some completed tracks and a new batch of songs that have been slowly maturing over the last few months. The overall sound of this new collection is rooted in the folk music genre with the addition of some more up tempo rhythm lead songs and a continued focus into traditional instrumentation combined with an experimental progressive sound.

If you'd like to have a listen to works in progress and some of the new songs we've earmarked for our next project, jump over to our reverbnation pages and have a listen to tracks such as 'In May' 'My Little Eye' and 'Spinning Top' for a taste of things to come. We're also planning a YouTube based cover of a track by an American artist named Linda Perhacs who released just one amazing LP entitled Parallelograms in the early 1970's, we'll post it here when we've completed it, don't forget to visit our YouTube homepage to see other videos we've posted previously.

In the meantime be sure to check out our intermediary release created predominantly by Paul and Ros titled 'Tooth & Claw' which is available to preview and purchase via this link.

Thanks to all for the continued support!