New Album 2022 - The Silent Star

The world has ended, its echoes drifting through outer space.

Frequencies from a long forgotten past, the final remnants of a silent star…

The Silent Star - a brand new soundscape from Spitdust. 

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Mirror People - Now Available

Spitdust have created an eclectic patchwork of original contemporary folk music fused with elements of progressive rock and dystopian ambience to create a futuristic concept album that will take you on a journey, quite unlike anything you’ve experienced before..

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New LP - recording completed

We're pleased to announce that mixing for the latest album is finally complete, next step will be Mastering 12 finished tracks for release.. here's a preview of the final mix for 'underneath my wing'..

Who are Spitdust?

Spitdust are a collective of  musicians based in Hampshire, England. You'll find information and updates on our latest musical projects here, along with track previews from our 2011 release album 'Rabbit Skin'.

Spitdust plan to release a brand new LP in early 2014.

Please drop us an email if you would like to get in touch.