More Guitarviol pics

The new Spitdust guitarviol is being used to sell Togaman guitar's latest acoustic design. Jonathon took some great snaps of it before he sent it off. Click below to see the pics -


Guitarviol finshed - this is the guy who designed it...

After a close shave with a raging fire in the Californian hills (the guitars maker: Jonathon, lives in Sylmar and had to evacuate with his family a week ago.. taking all his worldly possessions plus luthering supplies with him!) the guitarviol is finally finished. And it sounds rather lovely. Here's a clip he posted on his regular slot playing it -

spitdust video

The film maker and friend of the band Chad is making a video for the song "Spidust". His gone all out using Super8mm film to get an old world feel and he's filming it in the deserts of California. He has a blog on the project here:

Chads 'Spitdust' - Super 8mm Cinematic project blog

Guitarviol update...

Here's the latest on the guitar viol. Just awaiting the final "rub-out" and strings and saddle to be fitted. The finish has been quite challenging, as it's being done like a traditional viola with shellac french polishing. Which is by all accounts a massive job (but keeps the natural acoustics of the wood much better than varnish) Only a week or so left now and i can start using it on the album. My violacaster (bowed tele with flat wound strings and stupidly high action) will be heading for the cupboard. (or at least get a lighter set of strings and go back to being a country blue grass twanging machine.)

Mike - on support tour with Marillion

We'd like to wish Mike the best of luck on his forthcoming support dates with his other band sinestarproject, who will be supporting Marillion on dates from their forthcoming tour.. dates as follows:

UK Dates

14th November @ the Manchester Academy
15th November @ the Bournemouth Opera House
19th November @ the Forum LONDON

Netherlands Dates

22nd November @ Ijsselhal, Zwolle
23rd November @ 013, Tilburg
24th November @ Vereeniging, Nijmegen

Tickets are available here.

Classical Diva

Spitdust's lead singer Ros "Ratbear" Mizen has been following her other (paid) musical path recently performing as a soprano with the Fareham Philharmonic:

Much applause and giving of flowers was had by all. Well, mostly by Ros. Hopefully she won't be too successful, so she can stick around slumming it with us.  There's no way they'd let her play the shaker egg live anyway...

Guitarviol latest

More news on the guitarViol. Nearing completion now. Just waiting for final antique paint job, assembley and tuning. Then it's off by air freight from LA to rainy old Romsey town, UK and the new Spitdust album. Looks too nice to use live, or play.. or even look at... step away! (still got the orginal taggers on it - look!)

check out his amazing crossbreed guitar/violins below

Love Me Tenderized

Here is a link to information about the first movie soundtrack to feature music by Spitdust (end credits).
Paul has recently finished working on the soundtrack to a second film (Black Cat bone) by the same director - due to premier in the US soon, we'll post more information on this soon.

'Love me tenderized'

'Lately' - New work in progress

This is a rough sketch of a track called 'lately' that we're developing for the forthcoming album...

Lately (demo) - Click the play button to listen

Selling Out - Demo

This original demo was put together from a sketch by Dan and Paul - it's since undergone a radical change and we've worked it into something quite different.. we'll post a demo of the transformed version sometime soon.

Selling Out (demo) - Click the play button to listen

The GuitarViol

We're eagerly waiting for Paul's GuitarViol to arrive... he's currently bowing a Fender telecaster on a few numbers, the guitarviol should introduce a fantastic new sound to our recordings when added to our ever growing arsenal of instruments... the image above is the actual handmade guitar viol we're waiting for... here's a link to the designer of this instrument.. Guitarviols Homepage